James Harden sighting hints he may try pulling fast one on 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers had their scheduled Media Day on Monday, October 2nd, and there was a notable absence, James Harden. If you have been following the Sixers news cycle this offseason, it was not too much of a surprise that Harden was a no-show. After sending the franchise into a whirlwind when he called Daryl Morey a liar, the relationship between the two former friends and long-term colleagues was fractured.

Woj reported earlier today that even though Harden missed Sixers Media Day, the team was expecting him to join the team in Colorado as soon as today. Well right on cue James Harden was sighted in Colorado, but it is not where you might expect him to be. It even elicits flashbacks to a former disgraced Sixers point guard, Ben Simmons.

Will James Harden report to Sixers camp with a back injury?

That is the $35.6 million question! Now maybe his not being present for Media Day did not surprise you, but does another disgruntled star with a back injury do it for you? The deja vu is real. I could still argue that even this may have been foreseeable. Remember the early reports from Ramona Shelburne following Harden’s calling Morey a liar? She said this was “just the beginning” of making life difficult for the Sixers and this appears to be the next level.

Now it has to be said that maybe James Harden has an actual injury concern. Or maybe he just happened to be walking near the hospital and was not going in at all. All things considered, these possibilities seem unlikely. And forgive me for being extremely skeptical after going through the incredibly exhausting Simmons drama.

Hopefully, there will be more clarity around the Harden speculation this week, but if he shows up to camp with a back injury then we know where this all started, the UC Health Center in Cherry Creek.